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  • 2005-06 NALAC Fund for Arts Ford Foundation Fellowship , Book Project, San Antonio, TX, Dec-Jan.
  • 2005-06 Project Assistance Grant , ACNO for Ashé Community Project, New Orleans, LA, July.
  • 2005 C/APP Grant from Alternate ROOTS, Ogden Youth Performance Project, New Orleans, LA, April.
  • 2005 Nominated for Louisiana Governor's Arts Award , New Orleans, LA, February.
  • 2004 C/APP Grant from Alternate ROOTS for "MediaAmerica" Project at Ashé, New Orleans, LA, May.
  • 2003 Individual Artist Grant from LDOA for Baton Rouge Gallery Performances, Baton Rouge, LA, June.
  • 1998-1999 Theater Fellowship awarded by the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Baton Rouge, LA, February.
  • 1998 Aplauso Award from "Aqui: New Orleans" Hispanic Press for Artistic Merit, New Orleans, LA, May.
  • 1996 Regional Artists Project Award from the National Endowment for the Arts, New Orleans, LA, May.
  • 1995 Project Support Award from ACNO for Performances at CAC, New Orleans, LA, May.
  • 1993 Project Support Award from LDOA for Curating Latino Art Exhibit at CAC, New Orleans, LA, May.
  • 1992 Louisiana Purchase Award for Visual Art in Public Spaces from ACNO, New Orleans, LA, June.  


  • 2007 University of California at Santa Barbara, "Performance Art & Social Change" Lecture, May 15
  • 2006 Ohio State University Dept. of Theatre, "Performance Art & Social Change" Lecture, Sept. 28.
  • 2006 Ogden Museum, Three-week Residency at Bishop Perry Middle School, New Orleans, June 12-30.
  • 2005 Highways Performance, NPN Residency for The Cone of Uncertainty , Santa Monica, CA, Nov. 7-13.
  • 2005 Overture Center for the Arts, Four-day "Youth Residency," Madison, WI, November 1-4.
  • 2005 University of Michigan, artist-in-residency, Solo Show & Lectures, Ann Arbor, MI, Oct. 21-27.
  • 2005 Carpetbag Theatre, NPN Residency, Teen Workshops & Solo Show, Knoxville, TN, Oct. 10-16.  
  • 2005 Duke University, Two-week Residency, Teen Workshops & Solo Show, Durham, NC, Feb. 14-27.  
  • 2004 LSU Comm. Dept., artist-in-residency, "Techniques in Performance" Lecture, Baton Rouge, LA Feb.
  • 2003 National Hispanic Cultural Center, "Youth Performance Project," Albuquerque, NM July.
  • 2002 Ogden Museum of Southern Art, "Youth Performance & Visual Arts Project," February.
  • 2002 Tigertail Productions, "Youth Performance Project" Residencies, Miami, FL, March & July.
  • 2002 Out North Contemporary Art House, "Images of Youth" NPN Residency, Anchorage, AK, June.
  • 2001 Kalamazoo College, "Exploring the Personal in Performance," Kalamazoo, MI, September.
  • 2000 Northampton Comm. College, "Art as Tool for Social Change" Lecture, Bethlehem, PA, November.
  • 1999 Cornell University, "Media & The American Mind" Performance Lecture, Ithaca, NY, October.


  • 2007 From Chocolate City to an Enchilada Village, Cultural Vistas , New Orleans, LA; Winter '06-07: 100
  • 2002 Performance & Primal Screams review for Art Papers Magazine, Atlanta, GA; Mar/Apr '02: 20-21.
  • 2001 Healing with Humor article Art Papers Magazine, Atlanta, GA; Sept/Oct '01: 17.
  • 2001 Exploring War & Race on Stage article for Art Papers Magazine, Atlanta, GA; Mar/Apr '01: 14-15.
  • 1999 Voices from the Underground critical essay for Art Papers , Atlanta, GA; July/Aug '98: 16-21.
  • 1999 Tamasakis: Joan Duran at Joan Prats Gallery, art feature for Mexico City Times , Mexico, April.


  • 2007 The Cone of Uncertainty ROOTS/NPN Gulf Coast Artists APAP Showcase, New York, NY, Jan. 20.
  • 2006 The Cone of Uncertainty at Ohio State University, Artist-in-residency, Columbus, OH, Sept. 27-30.
  • 2006 The Living History Youth Project Exhibit at Ogden Museum, New Orleans, LA, June 30 - Sept. 13.
  • 2005 The Cone of Uncertainty: New Orleans after Katrina at Highways, Santa Monica, CA, Nov. 10-13.
  • 2005 Between the Pen and the Sword Performance at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, Oct. 25.
  • 2005 Performance Art & Social Change Keynote, American for the Arts Conference, Austin, TX, June 10.
  • 2005 The Free People of Color: Works on Paper, Ashé Cultural Arts Center, New Orleans, LA, April-May.
  • 2005 In Exile Close to the Equator Performance at Duke University, Durham, NC, February 20.
  • 2004 $CASINOAMERICA$ Shows, Castle of Imagination International Performance Festival, Poland, Sept.

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