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American Mantra & Other Rituals CD
American Mantra & Other Rituals CD
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with texts by Jose Torres Tama
and sound design by Billy Atwell

This word and music collaboration combines the surreal and hallucinogenic soundscapes created by multi-instrumentalist Billy Atwell with the politically charged performance texts and spoken word poems of Jose Torres Tama. "American Mantra" is a Spanglish music drive-by that rifles on media as religion, corporate gentrification, censorship and blind nationalism, the Latino immigrant experience and life under BeelzeBush Junior--executed with sardonic humor and new millennium aesthetics.


1. Español is Verboten Ici Dans Les Etats-Unis
2. Because the Dream Knows More Than You
3. Dreams on Fire
4. Baile de Fuego
5. La Muerte de Amor/Death of Love
6. MTV Child
7. We Are Without Fathers
8. American Mantra: Buy More Flags
9. And What If After So Much Words

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Español is Verboten Ici Dans Les Etats-Unis

Price: $9.00 + $2.00s/h


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